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The Five Best Fabrics for Workwear

We at Workwear Giant understand the importance of great quality and durable work clothing that not only meets safety standards, but also stands up to the rigours of day-to-day use. A large part of the suitability of workwear to different industries is the fabric it is made from. We work with a wide range of fabrics, and our dedicated team ensures that every customised garment is personalised to perfection. We know what makes great workwear, and when it comes to great fabrics for the job; here’s our round up of the five best fabrics for workwear.

Cotton Workwear

Cotton has always been a go-to fabric for workwear, and for good reason. Cotton workwear is breathable, comfortable, and easy to care for.

  • Ideal for various work environments, cotton workwear allows for excellent moisture absorption, keeping you cool in hot conditions or during movement and with frequent exertion.
  • Cotton workwear ensures that you not only look professional, but also feel comfortable throughout your workday.

Our top cotton workwear picks:

Gildan Ultra Cotton™ T-Shirt

from £4.81

Uneek Ladies Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt

from £3.43 

Russell Classic Heavyweight Combed Cotton T-Shirt

From £6.77 

Polyester Workwear

Polyester is renowned for its durability and resistance to wrinkles, making it an excellent choice for workwear. This no fuss fabric is a popular pick when it comes to work clothing, but why would we recommend it?

  • Polyester fabric is resistant to fading and shrinking. Ensuring that your custom work clothing maintains its vibrant colour and great fit over time.
  • Resilient to tough conditions or constant use, polyester workwear is sure to provide you with a reliable performance.

Our top polyester workwear picks include, the ultra hard-wearing and smart Premier Polyester Bib Apron, and this high quality work jacket from Result.

Polyester and Cotton Blend Workwear

Due to the positive qualities of both fabrics, polyester-cotton blends are popular choices for workwear. Workwear materials created from these fabrics combine comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance with each fabric's own advantages.

  • The durability and resistance to abrasion of polyester fabrics combined with the breathability of cotton fabrics make this blend suitable for a variety of work environments. When you need to muck in, this is an excellent choice.
  • Polyester and cotton blend workwear is also excellent for moisture management. Whilst cotton is breathable, polyester is quick-drying! So if you’re working outside in the sun, or exerting yourself on the go, this is one of the best fabrics for workwear.

Our top polyester and cotton blend workwear picks:

Anthem Organic T-Shirt

from £7.36 

Pro RTX Pro Polyester Polo Shirt

from £9.23

Twill Workwear

Twill is recognised as a great fabric choice for workwear due to its distinct diagonal weave. This pattern makes twill particularly resistant to wear and tear.

  • The durability of twill makes it a good choice for workwear staples. Work clothing that requires durability, such as a hat placed out in the elements or a jacket placed on different surfaces or scuffed against materials, should be made of twill!
  • It is also known for its water-resistant and wrinkle-resistant qualities, making it a low maintenance choice of fabric.

Our top twill workwear picks include; this smart and long-lasting women's work shirt with a tailored fit, and how about this twill bucket hat? A versatile hat style to protect eyes and heads from the elements.

Elastane Blend Workwear

Its exceptional elasticity makes elastane a popular synthetic fibre. It is often blended with other fibres to create stretchable, comfortable, and form-fitting fabrics.

  • Elastane-containing fabrics maintain their shape well over time. In work clothing, where garments may be stretched and moved repeatedly, this is especially important.
  • With elastane, you can achieve a close, comfortable fit. It is often used in tailored work clothing to provide a sleek and professional appearance.

Among our favourite elastane workwear picks are this comfortable Tee Jays t-shirt, available in sizes from small to 5XL and this Flexfit mesh cap which is lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant.

When it comes to the best fabrics for workwear, fabric selection can impact both comfort and performance across different industries. Find the perfect fit for your work environment with our range of customisable options.