Importance Of Branded Work Uniforms


Are you starting a new business, or a growing business looking for branded work uniforms? Here at Workwear Giant, we believe that they’re an important part of every business. A work uniform is a lot more than a garment and can actually benefit both your business and employees.


Impact on employees

Having a work uniform has an impact on your workforce. For an employee, wearing a uniform can be motivational and helps feeling part of a team. This encourages pride in working for your company or organisation – the perfect recipe for having determined staff.

Ensuring all staff members are wearing their uniform will also encourage professionalism. It acts as a reminder that they are the face of the brand as long as they are physically representing it.


Brand awareness

Brand visibility and awareness also benefits from personalised workwear. If your company hires 50 people and they all wear their uniform to and from work, just imagine the amount of people who will potentially be exposed to the brand! This is especially important for smaller companies who’d like to get their name out there.

Branded garments may seem like a simple work uniform but they do in fact represent your company’s objectives. The more memorable they are, the more effective they will be. The staff here are Workwear Giant wear their embroidered uniforms with pride and always remember our principle of offering an unbeatable service.


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Personalising Garments On Our Website

How To Use Designer


Here’s a quick guide on personalising garments right here on our website using your own logo. In a nutshell, you’re able to upload your logo onto a garment of your choice. Our online designer will then ‘digitize’ it to show how it looks as embroidery. Keep reading to see if we’ve answered any of your burning questions!


How do I add my logo to a garment?

Online Designer

  • Firstly, make sure you have a high quality logo file to upload to our online designer. This designer can launched from the product page by clicking the “Add My Logo” button.


  • Before proceeding with your order, please note that the designer is just to show you how your designs will look as embroidery. The finished garment will be resized and positioned correctly by our skilled production team. If at any point we require more information about the embroidery, we will be in touch before finalising your product.


  • Once you’ve launched the designer, you’ll be able to:
    • Choose positioning of design or text
    • Add text
    • Add images
    • Select garment colour


  • Now that you’ve uploaded your file, you can move it around and change the size. Digitizing is the process where your design file is turned into embroidery stitches to show you what it’ll look like.


  • For best results please upload a sharp, good quality file in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.


Are there any setup costs?

  • Yes, you will be charged one setup fee per logo. This will cover the digitization of your logo or artwork. The price in the checkout is for designs which translate to 10,000 embroidery stitches or less. If we find that your logo requires more stitches, our sales team will be in touch to adjust the costs.


  • The more complicated a logo is, or the more colours it has, the more stitches it will need when being machine embroidered. A simple monochrome logo will require the least amount of stitches.



Why won’t my logo load properly on the designer?

  • If you’re having difficulty loading your logo using the designer, try using a different browser or reloading the page.


  • Check that your logo is in the right format (JPG, GIF or PNG).


  • If none of these steps are working then please get in touch with us using Live Chat and our web team will be able to help you.


Why not try adding your logo to one of our polo shirts?

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Fleeces Are This Season’s Featured Product

Custom Embroidered Fleeces


Work fleeces are ideal as the weather gets colder. You’ll want to wrap up properly at work and that’s why we’re featuring our range of fleeces this season. Whether you work in trade, corporate or outdoors – a functional garment won’t go amiss. Customers can get theirs’ embroidered with any logo for that extra personalised touch. Have a play around with our online designer which will show you what your logo looks like as embroidery.


Choice of fleeces

Here at Workwear Giant, we offer full and quarter zip fleeces. Get them in a range of styles for both men and women. All of our garments are made using high quality material which makes for comfortable workwear which is also durable.

Featuring a two-way zip, a Result StormDri 4000 Reversible Waterproof Fleece Jacket has elasticated cuffs and two zip pockets at the front. Looking for heavy duty workwear? We’ve got you covered. Don’t compromise your branding as we can embroider these for you using your very own logo.

There’s also the Russell Ladies’ Micro Fleece Jacket which boasts a fitted style with inner storm guard and chin flap. The contoured side panels give this Micro Fleece Jacket a stylish finish.


What to wear it with

The great thing about fleeces is that you can wear them with almost anything – given that your workplace allows it! If you’re wearing smart trousers and shoes then you can slip it on over your shirt. If your workplace allows something more casual then you can pair it with jeans and wear it over a t-shirt or polo shirt.


How to buy

If you’re new to Workwear Giant, you’re probably wondering how to customise our garments with your own logo. Simply click onto the product you wish to personalise and click on “Add Your Logo” which will then launch this designer:

How to buy fleeces

We can embroider logos on the following positions:

  • Left Breast
  • Right Breast
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Back (Yoke)
  • Back (Large)

Once your logo has been uploaded and digitised you can play around with the size and positioning. This doesn’t have to be perfect when placing your order as our in-house team will take care of perfect positioning on the garment.


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Top Embroidery Launches Brand New Website

New Top Embroidery Website


New look website

The website is now even more functional than before. View it on a desktop, tablet, or on your mobile if you’re on the go. It’s a lot simpler to navigate so that you can find what you’re looking for within seconds.


Better prices

Top Embroidery has reviewed all their products and prices so they’re now better than ever! There’s even an extended product range to make sure everything you could need is covered. If you’re price conscious then you’ll be able to find low product prices and price match to ensure you’re getting the best deal out there.


New online designer

The new online designer on the Top Embroidery website digitizes your logo to show you what it’ll look like as an embroidery on any garment. Simply upload your file onto the designer and it will process it within seconds on the product page. You will then see your logo or design embroidered onto the product you have selected, ready to purchase.


Live Chat

The Live Chat feature has been carried onto the new website and the responsive sales team is always there to help. If you have any questions about the embroidering process or would like a quote, get in touch today.


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Free Embroidery on Waterproof Insulated Jacket

Free Embroidery Waterproof Insulated Jacket


Workwear Giant is offering free embroidery this week just for you. As the weather gets colder and wetter, it’s time to dig out the jackets and fleeces. Why not take advantage of our offer on the Regatta Dover Waterproof Insulated Jacket? Get any quantity embroidered for free. That’s your logo on the front and back of the jacket (up to 10,000 stitches).

This mid-weight jacket is waterproof with tapered seams. This jacket has a fleece lined collar, polyamide sleeve lining and is also windproof for those inevitably windy days. This workwear garment is great for outdoor jobs if you’re on the go.

Regatta Dover Jacket available in:

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Classic Red
  • Green
  • Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Seal Grey
  • Oxford Blue

If you’re looking for larger sizes we cater to that too! You can find sizes up to 4XL in burgundy and navy. Why not go for a classic black jacket if you can’t decide? It’s our most versatile colour with sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL!

Have any questions? Get in touch with our sales team today by giving us a call or you can digitize your logo right here on our website to see what it’ll look like!

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A Marathon of Running Shoes Reviews

Running Shoes Guru - Reviews and Buying Guides


Making sure you’ve got the right shoes for the job is as important as ensuring you’ve got the right clothes. If you’re on the lookout for the right running shoes then is the site for you. Get the guidance in the right direction and you’ll be on your feet in no time. They’re the only website who invest in hundreds of pairs of running shoes and test them out thoroughly. A typical review delivers the pros, cons and a detailed description with photos to match. You can find brands such as Nike, Asics, Mizuno, New Balance and more!

Why not check to see how your current shoes compare to the hundreds of other options. Perhaps you could benefit from trying new materials or cushioning?

You can also get free tips on training if you’re thinking of becoming more active, improving your current routine or running a marathon. If you’re a fan of going the extra mile then you can also find information on running gear such as men’s training shirts, apps and gadgets.

Are You Washing Clothes the Right Way?

Are you washing the right way?


Are you washing your garments the right way? Here are Workwear Giant, we want to make sure you’re washing and caring for your clothes correctly. Whether it’s your favourite fleece, work shirt or jacket – our expertise will guide you in the right direction.



If you find that you’re unsure about how to wash a particular type of fabric, the label attached to it will typically let you know the best way to do so.

Separate your load into darks, lights, whites and delicates. Taking this basic step will stop a bright red t-shirt bleeding into your work shirt!

There’s nothing more devastating to a wash than a forgotten piece of tissue left in a back pocket. Do a last minute check. Empty the pockets and do up any zips so that your clothes do not get damaged or ruined.



If you’re using a washing machine then you’re probably wondering whether to use cold, warm or hot water. What difference does it make?

Cold water should be used when washing either fine fabrics or sweaters and denim. The cold temperature will also prevent dark or bright coloured garments from running!

Warm water works best with lights and whites. If you’ve got a pile of school or work shirts, white t-shirts or underwear, then this setting has got you covered.

Now if you’ve got some heavily stained clothes or fabrics on your hands then you’ll need to give it the hot water treatment to ensure the dirt or stain is lifted and disinfected.



We highly encourage hang drying your clothes as it’s both energy efficient and better for preserving the shape of fabric in the long run. However if needs must, make sure you’re drying your load in the correct temperature.

For whites or jeans, use high heat. A good way to remember this is knowing that clothes washed in hot water should not also be dried in high heat!

Medium heat prevents colour fading and also keeps your clothes from losing shape or wrinkling.

A low heat dry will also gently spin your clothes so it’s perfect for fragile garments and delicates.


So now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to DIY fixes to those painful stains. If you’ve managed to get coffee or ink stains on your work clothes, then this nifty infographic by Yumi Sakugawa might just save you! If you’re dealing with some tricky or embroidered garments and need to remove a stain then may have the answer you’re looking for.



Wimbledon – A Quintessentially British Event


Whether you’re an avid follower of tennis or not, pretty much everyone will have heard of Wimbledon. The much anticipated three weeks dominates all of the UK’s media, including the BBC. It also welcomes the return of Clare Balding and Sue Barker to our screens, gracing us with their wit and charm and by the end of the event, we’re all praying for good weather for them!

Founded in 1877, the sporting event has grown to become a staple event in the UK, which is thanks to its evergrowing popularity in Britain and around the world. Attendees have to be very quick with trying to grab a golden ticket for any of the matches. However, ticket prices for games on Centre Court are unthinkable to most, and this usually means that many people will make their way up to what is famously called “Henman Hill” to try and find a spot to watch all of the action from there.

This year, the total prize fund is a huge £31.6m, with the winner of the men’s and women’s singles taking home £2.2m each! What’s great about Wimbledon, is that even if you lose in the first round, you’ll still take home some sort of prize, this year they’ll be taking home £35,000. This has trebled since 2011, when first round losers would win £11,500. That has made everyone in our office want to become a professional tennis player!

What makes Wimbledon stand out from every other sporting event is somehow, it appeals to absolutely everyone. It brings people together and they all get into the competitive spirit, supporting our athletes and also players from around the world. It’s a fantastic day out for the family, for you and your friends, it’s also great to go with your partner. You can even go and watch on your own and chat with other people there.

When a lot of people think of Wimbledon, the first thing they think of is a big, ice cold jug of Pimms with some fresh strawberries and cream. That’s what makes Wimbledon so quintessentially British. It’s sophisticated, it has delicious food and drink and it turns a sporting event into a tradition for the whole country. For most people, it’s the official start of summer and some will even adopt the Wimbledon diet for the next few months – as long as the weather is good enough for it!

Here at Workwear Giant, we’ve had the pleasure of embroidering some of the Wimbledon uniforms and we’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out. From the initial order, to the design of the world-famous logo, to the production on our embroidery machines, we’ve made sure to put love and care into every stitch. Just like each order we receive every day!



Tennis Wear

If you feel inspired whilst watching Wimbledon and want to try your hand at the sport, or if you’re a club looking for uniforms, we’ve got the perfect attire for you!

For women we’ve picked:

  • The Sprio ladies skort, which is perfect for playing tennis. They’re fast drying, lightweight and breathable with integral sport pants. They have a flat elastic waistband, contrast fit panels and a hem vent for maximum comfort.
  • The Result Herringbone Sun Visor. If the sun is shining, the last thing you want is the sun shining in your eyes when your opponent is hurling a ball towards you at 50+ mph! It’s easily adjustable so it’ll fit you perfectly. There’s also a towel backing on the front so it’ll catch and absorb all of your sweat.
  • The Kustom Kit contrast polo. It comes in several different colours, and is also available in the famous “tennis white”, so your kit will all be matching. Having the contrast means that you’ll have a hint of colour too!

For men we’ve chosen:

  • The AWDis mesh lined shorts. These shorts are perfect for tennis because they’re specifically designed for keeping you cool in the hot weather and when you’re out in the sun. They even have a small side pocket for you to keep your keys in, meaning you’ll be able to keep everything safe while you play.
  • The Adidas performance cap. Like the visor, this Adidas cap will keep you protected from the shining sun and will absorb your sweat as it has a moisture wicking headband.
  • The Henbury contrast polo. Again, we’ve chosen a contrast polo because it’s nice to have a subtle hint of colour when you’re wearing all white. It’ll help you stand out a little bit and feel a bit more unique against your opponents!

All of these items can be personalised, so make sure you speak to our sales team if this is something you’d be interested in.


At the time of writing, Roger Federer was the bookies favourite to win Wimbledon. It would be his first win since he took the title in 2012, before he suffered from his injuries.

Here are the odds for the winners of the men’s and women’s singles, taken from oddschecker.

Men’s singles

Roger Federer – 9/4

Andy Murray – 7/2

Rafael Nadal – 9/2

Novak Djokovic – 6/1

Women’s singles

Petra Kvitová – 5/1

Karolína Plíšková – 11/2

Johanna Konta – 12/1

Garbiñe Muguruza – 14/1

At Workwear Giant, we pride ourselves on a fast and secure delivery, every time. We do all of the work in-house, using our state-of-the-art equipment, this means we will be able to meet your requirements and deadlines on time. If you need your personalised clothing as soon as possible, then make sure to tell our sales team when placing your order, we often work miracles and can usually shuffle our production schedule to fulfil your needs. If you want any more information or are interested about ordering our fantastic pick of the week, then drop our sales team an email at or give us a call on 0118 9120 420

Festival Fashion and Necessities


With Festival season now in full swing, the question on all festival goers minds is “what do I wear?”

Here at Workwear Giant, we want to break down our festival “must-haves”, whether you’re a ticket-holder or a food stall owner, we’ve got you covered!

Ticket holders

The first item, which we think are a staple at any festival are wellies, you definitely want to make sure you have comfortable ones that will last the whole festival as most of the time, you’ll find yourself living in them! This is especially true if any of you lucky readers are off to Glastonbury, from our experience if it rains heavily, even for a few hours, you’re bound to experience mud at some point.

Speaking of rain and mud, another really handy thing to take is a light rain jacket. Most of the best festivals are on in the summer, so you’re going to want a jacket that will keep you dry, suitably warm and will be comfortable. Most of the time, a pac-a-mac is suitable for festivals. However, with British weather being so unpredictable, we would recommend going for something a bit better. Our pick is the RG601, the Regatta Standout Waterproof Jacket. It comes in 13 colours and sizes up to an XXL. There is also a ladies version, the RG611 and that also comes in 12 colours with sizes going from a 10 to a 20.

Often, we’ve found the most overlooked item to take to a festival is a waterbottle. Obviously, many drinks are available at festivals, but when you’re on the last day and you’re getting sick of paying £2 for a bottle of water, you’ll wish you had brought your own. Workwear Giant offer this great waterbottle the QD440, which starts at just £2.47, it’s easily refillable and very easy to clean. It comes in 4 different colours and even has a carabiner clip on it, so you can carry it around with no troubles!

Next up is a hoodie. It’s all well and good if the weather is beautiful during the day, but the chances are that at night, the temperature will drop and you’ll find yourself shivering, even when you get into the tent! Our choice is the AWDis SupaSoft Hoodie JH002, it’s great because it comes in a choice of 9 colours and sizes that go up from an XS to an XXL, which means we’ll be able to accommodate for almost everyone. They’re really easy to just tie around your waist during the day, they even make for really great pillows at night if you’ve forgotten one or need to prop your head up when you sleep.

Our final recommendation for you lucky ticket holders is a bumbag. There is honestly nothing worse than trying to hold food, hold a drink, dance and then to have to carry a bag all at the same time. Having a bumbag takes away these worries! Of course, having a backpack is fine as well, but some festival’s security measures are now trying to get people to avoid taking backpacks. It can also be quite hard to weave through a crowd with a backpack on without hitting everyone you squeeze past! We recommend the BG42 Bag Base Belt Bag, it’s got a 2.5L capacity, with just one large main pocket. It’ll be great for keeping all of your valuables safe and sound and it comes in 10 colours.

Food Stall Owners

If you own a food stall at a festival, then you’ll know that the competition is tough. With the rise of gluten-free eating and street food in the UK, the liklihood is that selling a standard burger at a festival just isn’t enough anymore. Glastonbury is a gold-mine for food stalls, from buddha bowls, to halloumi cones to fish curry. That festival has absolutely everything to offer. Sadly though, for food stall owners, it means you have to stand out from the rest and then let the food do the talking.

Wearing uniform can be one way to do this, and it could be a lot cheaper than you think! Even just picking up a few t-shirts for the people at the FOH who serve the customers, adding your logo or a customised slogan for the festival you’re at can get people talking about you and your brand. We would definitely recommend picking up some t-shirts and maybe even a jumper or two. The main thing is comfort while you work.

For the t-shirts, we would recommend a GD01, it’s a very versatile t-shirt that goes up to a 3XL in selected colours. It is also available in 35 colours, so you know you’ll be able to find something that fits in with the rest of your brand. For the jumper, we would recommend the JH030, again, it’s a rather inexpensive jumper that comes in 37 colours and some of them going up to a 3XL. Our printing prices start from just £2.85 so it’s a bargain and will help your business stand out from the crowd!

The most important thing though, is to have a great time, stay safe and do as much as you possibly can in the time that you’re there. If you’re off to a festival this year, then from everyone here at Workwear Giant, we hope you have a lovely time!

At Workwear Giant, we pride ourselves on a fast and secure delivery, every time. We do all of the work in-house, using our state-of-the-art equipment, this means we will be able to meet your requirements and deadlines on time. If you need your personalised clothing as soon as possible, then make sure to tell our sales team when placing your order, we often work miracles and can usually shuffle our production schedule to fulfill your needs.If you want any more information or are interested about ordering our fantastic pick of the week, then drop our sales team an email at or give us a call on 0118 9120 420

Huge Brands Commit To Using Sustainable Cotton By 2025

Organic Cotton Featured Image

At the end of May, thirteen of the World’s biggest brands in fashion and sportswear committed to using sustainable cotton by 2025.

The news came about after a high-level meeting was held and organised by The Prince’s International Sustainability Unit (ISU) in collaboration with Marks and Spencers and The Soil Association. HRH The Prince of Wales was in attendance and the meeting resulted in brands such as ASOS, H&M, Nike, Levi Strauss & Co, IKEA and more, signing up to the Sustainable Cotton Communique.

What is particularly alarming about the cotton usage at the moment is that, year on year these companies use more than 300,000 tonnes of cotton. Last year, over 3 million tonnes of more sustainable cotton was produced, but companies actively sourced less than one fifth of this number.

Organic Cotton Companies

Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director, said in a statement on the Soil website: “The Soil Association warmly welcomes the commitment of these companies to mvoe to 100% sourcing of sustainable cotton by 2025. This is a significant moment and a demancing commitment to achieve existing standards – organic, Fairtrade, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Cotton Made in Africs and certified recycled cotton.

“While each of these standards delivery different outcomes, together, they form a strong foundation for improving cotton’s social and enviromental sustainability across the industry. Many of the comopanies supporting the initiative have a considerable way to go, while others have already achieved the commitment. Blazing the sustainable cotton train is Greenfibres, which has produced 100% organic cotton products for two decades.

“Switching to organic cotton supports a way of farming that directly benefits both the local and global environment. Organic cotton farming has been proven to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use and virtually eliminate the use of pesticides. Organic cotton farmers grow a variety of crops to minimise pests and diseases and to maintain healthy soils, which means farmers have the additional benefit of a more secure livelihood, and secure access to food. The FAO estimated that nearly 100 million rurual families directly depend of cotton production and a move to production sustainable cotton will  help change the lives of these families for the better.”

Here at Workwear Giant, we currently do offer a range of organic cotton products, which you can find here. Hopefully our brands will take this organic approach to cotton at some point as well but at this time we cannot comment on behalf of them.