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The Best Work Shirts & T-Shirts for Your Industry

In today’s diverse industries, it’s important to find the right workwear for your team. The ideal workwear wardrobe combines functionality with durability and professionalism, and customised workwear can enhance your brand image, promote unity in the workplace and ensure both safety and comfort to your employees. Here at Workwear Giant, we are proudly your one-stop destination for top-quality customisable workwear solutions.

We know each industry is unique and has different requirements, so we’ve put together our most popular work shirts and t-shirts; tried and tested by others in your industry.

Uneek Classic Polo Shirt
  1. The Uneek Classic Polo Shirt

A bestselling polo shirt in the Trade, Distribution, Production and Warehouse industries, this is a tried and tested workwear staple that is fully customisable with your logo and branding, here at Workwear Giant.

What sets this polo shirt apart is its durability, as it's designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. Made from a blend of polyester and cotton fabric, combining the best properties of both materials. The polyester adds strength and resiliency to this polo shirt, ensuring it combats wear and tear. Meanwhile, the cotton content enhances breathability and comfort, allowing for better airflow and moisture management.

Guaranteed to offer a professional and polished look, whilst ensuring your team’s comfort, this polo shirt is staple workwear.

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  1. The Pro RTX Pro Piqué Polo Shirt

Popular across all industries, from the Trade, Distribution, Retail and Production industries to the Restaurant and Pub sectors, this polo shirt is a truly versatile choice of work top.

This quality garment offers a professional appearance, ideal as a smart staple for a cohesive work ensemble. Add your company’s logo or branding for a look that reflects your brand image whilst your team is in the workplace.

Its suitability for various industries comes from its regular fit which allows for ease of movement, and its comfortable and breathable fabric. Easily paired with an apron for those in the Restaurant and Pub Sectors, and worn in work environments where your team are on the go. The no-fuss care this polo shirt requires enables frequent washing, especially important in roles where a lot of movement is required or in food service settings where cleanliness and hygiene are key.

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  1. The Pro RTX Pro T-Shirt

This customisable t-shirt is ideal for those on the move. Another top pick for the Trade, Distribution, Production and Warehouse industries, this t-shirt offers exceptional comfort and allows for optimal airflow, whilst resisting wear and tear.

For extended periods of use, the comfort of this t-shirt is key. However another of its great features is its practicality, and how it is easy to care for and maintain, allowing for frequent washing.

Fully customisable in various colours, sizes and with your logo or branding. This is a great all industries essential.

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We have an extensive range of work tops and work t-shirts available at Workwear Giant, each is fully customisable with your company’s logo or branding. Shop by industry, or explore all the styles of quality work tops that we offer.

What are you looking for? From polo shirts, to staple t-shirts and more. Start building your team’s workwear wardrobe from the first layer.