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The Best Men's Workwear This Autumn

Body Warmers winter clothing

As the weather starts to get colder, you might be wondering what the best workwear is to keep your team kitted out for the Autumn and Winter. When choosing the best warm workwear for your team, you’ll want to opt for long-lasting and high-quality garments, to ensure their new logoed workwear lasts them the entire season and beyond, for those chillier days. If you’re unsure where to start when creating a new Autumn workwear wardrobe for your team, there are a plethora of men’s bodywarmers, fleeces, and quality trousers available to choose from, each personalised with your company’s logo for a smart and professional look. You can easily build a great workwear look with long-lasting Workwear Giant men’s essentials, at an affordable price-point. 

Why is Great Quality Workwear Important?

Looking smart at work is proven to be important in the workplace. Investing in your team and providing them with great quality logoed workwear will contribute to their feeling of togetherness, helping them to feel part of the same team. You will also take away any financial burden that comes with purchasing their own workwear, ensuring that all your employees are at ease when it comes to dressing for work. The inclusivity that a work-uniform can provide will help your team to work together, on a level-playing field. With an increased sense of community in the workplace, comes more productivity and enthusiasm from your team, making for a positive working environment. 

Kitting your team out with some great Autumn workwear can also help to engage customers, as they view your business to have an increased level of professionalism, maximising their trust in your brand and your business. 

What is the Best Men’s Workwear this Autumn?

When it comes to men’s workwear, there are some great additions you can make to your team’s work wardrobes this Autumn. From long-lasting waterproof trousers to durable soft-shell jackets. These are our top picks, for keeping your team warm throughout the colder months.

  1. Uneek The UX Printable Soft-Shell Jacket - Workwear Giant

This Uneek Soft Shell Jacket is a must this Autumn. With its three-layer bonded fabric, and waterproof, windproof, and breathable membrane, it’s a triple threat for combatting the colder weather. Available in a variety of colours and personalised with your company’s logo, it is the perfect menswear jacket for your team’s Autumn work wardrobe. 

  1. Result Work-Guard Lance Bodywarmer - Workwear Giant

The Result Work-Guard Lance Bodywarmer is a great option when choosing new men’s workwear this Autumn. For those who work outside, it is a warm, yet light and comfortable option for those colder days. This bodywarmer is shower-proof and windproof, with a full-length zip and a studded storm flap. You’ll also find a variety of pockets for carrying both personal and work items safely and conveniently.

  1. Regatta Pro Pack Away Waterproof Breathable Over Trousers - Workwear Giant

These waterproof over trousers from Regatta are a great value, quality addition to men’s workwear this Autumn. They have a super convenient classic design and are able to be packed away in a stuff-sack for your team on the go, or in case of a sudden shower on the job. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, and customisable with your company’s logo, these modern and affordable over trousers are a menswear must for the cold and rainy weather. Regatta also have a high-visibility version of these breathable, waterproof trousers, great for outdoor workers during Autumn.

  1. Russell Outdoor Fleece Jacket - Workwear Giant

Fleeces are an absolute necessity during the Autumn and Winter seasons, and this Russell Outdoor Fleece is guaranteed to keep your team warm when it is cold outside. With a full-length zip and an adjustable drawcord, they are as comfortable to wear, as they are cosy, making them one of our top Autumn picks. Find your desired colour, and customise this fleece with your company logo, to create the perfect men’s Autumn workwear essential. 

  1. Fruit of the Loom Classic Hooded Sweatshirt - Workwear Giant

When it comes to Autumn, layering is always a good idea! In the ultra-cold weather, is there anything better than a cosy hoodie, underneath a cosy jacket? Our top hoodie pick for Autumn menswear is this customisable Fruit of the Loom Classic Hooded Sweatshirt, available in a variety of colours and sizes. It’s a versatile addition to any workwear wardrobe, as it looks great on its own, or under a jacket or bodywarmer.  

So, there you have it! Our top picks for the best men’s workwear this Autumn. When it comes to kitting out your team for the colder months, comfort and quality is at the forefront of choosing a new warmer wardrobe. To keep your team smart and professional, opt for new workwear in your brand colour, with a custom printed or embroidered company logo. 

Find classic designs, that are great value, at Workwear Giant. The UK’s No1 supplier of modern and affordable customised clothing for smart business and their staff. From hoodies, to jackets, shop the best workwear essentials for men, this Autumn.