Festival Fashion and Necessities

With Festival season now in full swing, the question on all festival goers minds is “what do I wear?”

Here at Workwear Giant, we want to break down our festival “must-haves”, whether you’re a ticket-holder or a food stall owner, we’ve got you covered!

Ticket holders

The first item, which we think are a staple at any festival are wellies, you definitely want to make sure you have comfortable ones that will last the whole festival as most of the time, you’ll find yourself living in them! This is especially true if any of you lucky readers are off to Glastonbury, from our experience if it rains heavily, even for a few hours, you’re bound to experience mud at some point.

Speaking of rain and mud, another really handy thing to take is a light rain jacket. Most of the best festivals are on in the summer, so you’re going to want a jacket that will keep you dry, suitably warm and will be comfortable. Most of the time, a pac-a-mac is suitable for festivals. However, with British weather being so unpredictable, we would recommend going for something a bit better. Our pick is the RG601, the Regatta Standout Waterproof Jacket. It comes in 13 colours and sizes up to an XXL. There is also a ladies version, the RG611 and that also comes in 12 colours with sizes going from a 10 to a 20.

Often, we’ve found the most overlooked item to take to a festival is a waterbottle. Obviously, many drinks are available at festivals, but when you’re on the last day and you’re getting sick of paying £2 for a bottle of water, you’ll wish you had brought your own. Workwear Giant offer this great waterbottle the QD440, which starts at just £2.47, it’s easily refillable and very easy to clean. It comes in 4 different colours and even has a carabiner clip on it, so you can carry it around with no troubles!

Next up is a hoodie. It’s all well and good if the weather is beautiful during the day, but the chances are that at night, the temperature will drop and you’ll find yourself shivering, even when you get into the tent! Our choice is the AWDis SupaSoft Hoodie JH002, it’s great because it comes in a choice of 9 colours and sizes that go up from an XS to an XXL, which means we’ll be able to accommodate for almost everyone. They’re really easy to just tie around your waist during the day, they even make for really great pillows at night if you’ve forgotten one or need to prop your head up when you sleep.

Our final recommendation for you lucky ticket holders is a bumbag. There is honestly nothing worse than trying to hold food, hold a drink, dance and then to have to carry a bag all at the same time. Having a bumbag takes away these worries! Of course, having a backpack is fine as well, but some festival’s security measures are now trying to get people to avoid taking backpacks. It can also be quite hard to weave through a crowd with a backpack on without hitting everyone you squeeze past! We recommend the BG42 Bag Base Belt Bag, it’s got a 2.5L capacity, with just one large main pocket. It’ll be great for keeping all of your valuables safe and sound and it comes in 10 colours.

Food Stall Owners

If you own a food stall at a festival, then you’ll know that the competition is tough. With the rise of gluten-free eating and street food in the UK, the liklihood is that selling a standard burger at a festival just isn’t enough anymore. Glastonbury is a gold-mine for food stalls, from buddha bowls, to halloumi cones to fish curry. That festival has absolutely everything to offer. Sadly though, for food stall owners, it means you have to stand out from the rest and then let the food do the talking.

Wearing uniform can be one way to do this, and it could be a lot cheaper than you think! Even just picking up a few t-shirts for the people at the FOH who serve the customers, adding your logo or a customised slogan for the festival you’re at can get people talking about you and your brand. We would definitely recommend picking up some t-shirts and maybe even a jumper or two. The main thing is comfort while you work.

For the t-shirts, we would recommend a GD01, it’s a very versatile t-shirt that goes up to a 3XL in selected colours. It is also available in 35 colours, so you know you’ll be able to find something that fits in with the rest of your brand. For the jumper, we would recommend the JH030, again, it’s a rather inexpensive jumper that comes in 37 colours and some of them going up to a 3XL. Our printing prices start from just £2.85 so it’s a bargain and will help your business stand out from the crowd!

The most important thing though, is to have a great time, stay safe and do as much as you possibly can in the time that you’re there. If you’re off to a festival this year, then from everyone here at Workwear Giant, we hope you have a lovely time!

At Workwear Giant, we pride ourselves on a fast and secure delivery, every time. We do all of the work in-house, using our state-of-the-art equipment, this means we will be able to meet your requirements and deadlines on time. If you need your personalised clothing as soon as possible, then make sure to tell our sales team when placing your order, we often work miracles and can usually shuffle our production schedule to fulfill your needs.If you want any more information or are interested about ordering our fantastic pick of the week, then drop our sales team an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 0118 9120 420

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